Don’t just stay, make it an experience

You are looking for something more? Discover the secret World of Olives, participate to the harvest in November, create your own essential oil, walk on beautiful paths, spoil our donkeys and let your children search the eggs and take care of the chickens. More than going to the beach; it is being part of our farm life and sharing time to learn about Greek life. 

The secret world of olives

Our 3,5 hours experience is an opportunity to visit our olive grove, learn about our  150 olive trees in 20 varieties and the history of olives.

After a drink and snack, you prepare some delicacies and you also make a cosmetic product, from products of our farm and from the Island. 

45 euros per person

Make your own olive oil

Spend the day here and harvest the olives, bring them to the press and make your own olive oil!

Is only carried out from mid-November to mid-December

65 euros per person

Take care of Greek donkeys

This 45 minutes experience is ideal for your children but adults are very welcome to enjoy the company of our donkeys and horse. We will learn about the history of donkeys in Rhodes, and then take care of the animals. From cleaning feet to brushing them, we will prepare them and if the children wish, they can ride the donkeys. At the end, you’ll feed them. If you wish, you can bring carrots.

A great time with these very gentle animals! Recommended for shy kids and children with special needs too. 

FREE entrance, you can leave a tip for the donkeys

World of essences

Since 2019, we make our own essential oils, from aromatic herbs from our garden and mountains.

During few hours, we collect in the garden or go to the mountains around our house to pick up wild herbs, learn about their properties, and start the process of elaborating the oil. You leave with your gift, a small bottle of essential oil. 

55 euros per person

Meet the Island

Rhodes is a beautiful island with amazing beaches. But there is more to this, an island with incredible mountains, a pine forest and paths for enjoyable walks.

The best season is spring and fall, and we discover the views from the top of the hills, authentic places, where you meet goats, butterflies and birds.

We can visit a monastery, a small church, or pass a cute village; an abandoned house with its unbelievable history, and have a stop for a drink in a Greek tavern.

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